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A Question to Christians:

If tomorrow you knew beyond any doubt that God did not exist, what in your life would change? What are you doing that is different than the couple down the street that are working hard to build a life and home, raising their kids to be good people - but they don't believe in God? Is there anything in the way you live your life that would not make sense if God did not exist?

For most of us in America that say we are Christians the answer is - not much. We might go to church on occasion if the game is not on T.V., or if the kids are not playing in a sporting match that day. We will probably make it to an Easter service and maybe a Christmas service. Beyond that, there isn't much more.

Is this what it means to be "a new creation" and "a member of the body of Christ?" Is this all there is?

Maybe the contemporary church has been so concerned with being "relevant" to the non-believing world that it has started to look like the non-believing world. We have lost the ability to imagine any other way.

At Community of Faith Church we want to live a life of faithfulness to Jesus, to live a life-reimagined in the light of our living Lord. Because we know that God is, our lives cannot remain the same.